Angirx Review

Angirx is a product that aims to reduce the various symptoms that may indicate the event of a heart attack or stroke. As the name suggests, Angirx is intended for individuals who experience the signs of angina, which is a sign itself of cardiovascular conditions.

This may be described as chest discomfort or pain experienced when there is insufficient blood and oxygen delivered to the heart muscle. This condition may be caused by a lot of factors, but with proper care and treatment, this could be handled easily.

Angirx is claimed to reduce symptoms such as irregular heartbeats, lightheadedness, choking feeling, nausea, vomiting, cold sweating, shortness of breath, and anxiety, all of which are known signs of stroke and heart attack.

Angirx works by clearing any clogged artery around the heart muscle to get rid of the chest pain or discomfort. It does this by softening deposits made up of fats, cholesterol, and other substances that have hardened with time. The process may compared to chelation, where the deposits, called plaque, are softened and then eliminated through waste material like urine or stool.

Angirx also helps in making the blood thinner, which results to an improved blood circulation and lowered blood pressure. This also reduces the risk of plaque buildup in arteries. Angirx may also enhance one’s acidic physique condition, which weakens our immune function. This improves the body’s resistance to allergies, back pain, halitosis, memory loss, and coldness of feet and hands.

It’s difficult to judge whether a product is effective or not just by taking a quick look at its advertisements, but one could determine efficacy by identifying its ingredients. Angirx contains the following ingredients:

Saffron – used for treating respiratory infections and acts as an anti-carcinogenic (anti-cancer). This ingredient also helps reduce harmful free radicals.

Tianqi – also called Panax Notoginseng, this is used in Chinese tradition for eliminating blood stasis, reducing inflammation, and stopping bleeding. This also effectively lowers blood cholesterol.

EDTA – an ingredient commonly used in chelation therapy, this binds with metals and other substances that have hardened around the arterial walls, softening them and eventually carrying them out through urination.

Gastrodia Elata – contains the active ingredient Gastrodin, which has pharmacological effects such as treating hemiplegia (paralysis in a single side of the body), headaches, vertigo (feeling of loss of balance like when looking down from much higher grounds), and Alzheimer’s disease.

Trichosanthes fruit – holds anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and antibiotic properties.

With adequate exercise and a healthy diet, Angirx brings a lot of beneficial effects for people suffering from angina and other symptoms of heart conditions.

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